No musical theatre company would exist without the hard work and dedication of the committee members. Committee members are voted in at the Annual General Meeting held in May of each year. The committee and company are overseen over by a president and vice presidents who are invited to fill the roles by the company committee.

President: John James

Vice Presidents: Mary Swales, Trish Beaman, Jane Conway and Mary James

Chairman: Emma Parker

Vice Chairman: Sue Palmer

Secretary: Carolyn Edwards

Treasurer: Andy Johnson

Members’ Secretary (Adults): Angela Walford

Librarian: Mary James

Members’ Secretary (Juniors): Alison Cox

Patrons’ Secretary: Mary Swales

Programme Secretary: Sue Palmer

Minutes Secretary: Becky Adams

Sponsorship: Dave Walford, Ellie Farrington and Becky Adams

Social Secretary: Ellie Farrington

Publicity: Michael Payne and Matt Webb

Business Manager: Dave Walford

Past Presidents

Muriel Ellis 2017-2018
Freda Spickernell 1997-2016;
Dr M Lloyd-Jones 1989-1997;
Brigadier C Goulburn 1961-1988;
Dr J Lloyd-Jones 1955-1960

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